New Junior Cycle

Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement

Students who sat their Junior Cycle exam will receive their Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement Award(JCPA). This certificate will include subject results, Classroom Based Assessment (CBA) results and Other Areas of Learning. The Department of Education has issued a privacy notice which outlines how this data will be stored by the school and the Department. Please click here to view.

Information for Parents

This page contains useful information for parents about the new Junior Cycle.

Presentation for parents on Junior Cycle

Information for sixth class pupils (leaflet)

Statements of Learning (poster)

Key Skills (poster)

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New Junior Cycle

Click on image below to view information on the new Junior Cycle which includes info on the Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement Award which will issue for the first time this year.

When is the new Junior cycle coming in?

What key skills will the students learn?

How will it be assessed?