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Higher Level Drones in the form of quadcopters have become increasingly popular in recent years. As well as being
used as a leisure activity, they have many other applications including surveillance, product delivery,
aerial video and photography, etc. Recent advances in microelectronics have facilitated the production
of affordable lightweight quadcopters with accelerometers, global positioning system, cameras, etc.
They are manufactured in a variety of forms and sizes and many are novel in design. Ordinary Level Aroma or vapour diffusers have become increasingly popular in recent years creating an ambient
setting in living spaces, working spaces, vehicles, etc. Some work passively while others operate
electronically. Many are simple in design while others are more complex in shape and form.
Design features often include touch control, optional mood lighting, movement detection, audible
feedback, LED clock displays, programmable timers, light indicators, etc. 2019 Assignment – Cick here


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Scale Drawing

In simple terms reduced scale eg. 1:10 divide all measurements in question by 10 and draw (drawing is smaller than actual item). With enlarged scale eg. 2:1 multiply all dimensions in question by 2 and draw (drawing is bigger than actual item) Further reading